NEWS FLASH! Midnight on Sept. 30th! The DSM-5 got knocked down by the ICD-10 in the United States!

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Kenwood staff just made the big federally mandated transition to the new ICD-10-CM F-codes last Wed., Sept. 30th!
The DSM-5 print copy costs $199 each and is already out of date with their March 2014 Coding Update.
I bought the DSM-5 iPad version for $149, thinking the APA would at least update the APP, but “No” was the only answer I got when I called.
How do you update an App?!?
To catch up on the most criticized version to date, the DSM-5, just read its bitter history on

So, it seems, the APA has already done a good job of marginalizing themselves when the ICD-10-CM went “live” October 1, 2015.
The American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 is nowhere to be mentioned in the US version of the ICD-10.
The word is that the APA’s DSM-5 committee will have a chance to have some of their “unique” diagnostic codes considered for the upcoming August 2016 ICD-10-CM update.
As a result, the APA has been fast revising the DSM-5.

Compared to the DSM-5, the ICD-10 diagnostic codes are much clearer, easier to use, cross disciplinary, have higher inter-rator reliabilities, are culturally sensitive, and invite full historical and contextual information.
The catch-up is even more evident when you realize that both the DSM-5 and UN WHO ICD-10 diagnostic manuals suggest the use of the WHODAS-2.0 or UN Who Health Organization’s Disability Schedule 2.0. The WHODAS-2.0 also is easy to use, can be found for FREE and in multiple languages at:

The US version, the ICD-10-CM is FREE as well, and getting updated regularly. You can check out the new diagnostic criteria by clicking the link below. It is designed to be put directly on your PC or smart device for easy reference:

Mental, Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental disorders F01-F99 >

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