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Archive of This Great Pioneering Past Kenwood Center Service and Wellness Program for MN ICAC. Unfortunately the grants ran out.

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Welcome to the home page for The Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children (MN ICAC) Wellness Program through the Kenwood Therapy Center.

The Kenwood Center has partnered with Minnesota Internet Crimes Against Children (MN ICAC) task force to create this program to support the health and wellness of MN ICAC and its investigators. We have years of experience working with the health and well-being of professionals and investigators of sexual abuse and internet child sexual exploitation.

We have deep respect for the critical and challenging work that you do as a MN ICAC team member, as well as the potential impact this work has on your health and well-being. Investigating child sexual exploitation and child pornography can be very stressful, and requires measures to support the health of those who do this work. Research shows that even the most highly skilled professionals can, at times, experience negative effects from exposure to these images and crimes.

In order to address this issue, we provide investigators independent, confidential consultation and services from our skilled, specially trained clinicians.

Three MN ICAC Wellness consultation sessions will be provided free of charge to MN ICAC investigators. After these three sessions, investigators may continue with consultation by using insurance or self-payment.

Feel free to browse the pages of this website, listed on the right. They provide a wealth of knowledge and helpful resources.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to answer your questions, or to set up a confidential, independent consultation.

Our Mission

To provide compassionate, professional, confidential and knowledgeable care for
MN ICAC team members.

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