Other Resources

Supporting Heroes In Mental Health Foundational Training (SHIFT)

Learn about “one of the first comprehensive, foundational training programs in the United States to address [the] exploding problem” of child pornography crimes. “The program, including several basic and advanced level trainings, is called the Supporting Heroes in Mental Health Foundational Training (SHIFT)” (shiftwellness.org). This is an important resource for any investigator of child pornography crimes to know and use.

Guidebook for Vicarious Trauma: Recommended Solutions for Anti-Violence Workers
Jan I. Richardson

This manual is intended to be a resource and learning tool for those who have chosen to dedicate their working lives to helping those abused by violence. It specifically works to recognize the presence, effects, and ways of healing vicarious trauma, which is an unfortunate and often devastating consequence of this work. Although it is intended for many types of anti-violence workers, including counselors, it has a wealth of resources, information, and practices relevant for anyone exposed to graphic and potentially traumatizing material in their efforts to protect people from violence, abuse, and exploitation.

Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide to Caring for Self while Caring for Others
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, Connie Burk

This book offers the story of a longtime trauma social worker, and her experience and knowledge of the often unrealized, improperly understood effects of working to help those victimized by abuse or trauma. It also offers a survey of research about this type of work, as well as practices that can help in working through and healing from the secondary trauma and compassion fatigue this work can sometimes inflict.

“Toxic Stress: Managing the Trauma”
Cordelia Anderson

This document is the companion powerpoint to the training video Cordelia guides us through about the impact of MN ICAC work. Feel free to use it for reference as you watch that video.